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Market to Market December 3, 2010 (#3614)

Farm groups call on Congress to bury The Death Tax once and for all. Sweeping food safety reforms granted to federal authorities hit a snag. Robust foreign demand keeps commodity prices at unseasonably high levels. Those stories and market analysis with Elaine Kub. (27:45)

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In the News

  • Crop Bounty Spurs Construction Boom at Elevators
    (Dec 3, 2010) LARNED, Kan (AP) -- A construction boom has been under way at grain elevators across the Great Plains, where farmers have grown more corn and opted to keep more of the grain to meet the demand from ethanol plants.
  • China Cracks Down on Speculators to Cool Prices
    (Dec 3, 2010) BEIJING (AP) -- China's government is widening its anti-inflation campaign, Wednesday ordering a crackdown on speculators it accuses of illegally pushing up commodity prices.
  • USDA Asked to Approve GMO Apple That Won't Brown
    (Dec 3, 2010) CASHMERE, Wash. (AP) -- A Canadian biotechnology company has asked the U.S. to approve a genetically modified apple that won't brown soon after its sliced, saying the improvement could boost sales of apples for snacks, salads and other uses.
  • Egypt Eyes Sudan for Wheat Needs
    (Dec 3, 2010) (AP) -- Egypt has turned to its impoverished southern neighbor, Sudan, for use of agricultural land as the world's largest wheat importer looks to meet domestic food supply needs and quell a rapidly growing population increasingly irate about...
  • Africa Can Feed Itself But Needs Technology
    (Dec 3, 2010) NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) -- A Kenyan-born Harvard professor told leaders from five East African countries on Thursday that the continent can feed itself within a generation if farmers embrace modern technology and governments expand infrastructure and...
  • Judge Orders Removal of Sugar Beet Seed Plants
    (Dec 3, 2010) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- A federal judge in California has ordered the removal from the ground of plants grown to produce seeds for genetically modified sugar beets, citing the potential for environmental harm.
  • According to U.N Study Warming Could Double Food Prices
    (Dec 3, 2010) CANCUN, Mexico (AP) -- Even if we stopped spewing global warming gases today, the world would face a steady rise in food prices this century.
  • Congress Sends Child Nutrition Bill to Obama
    (Dec 3, 2010) WASHINGTON (AP) — More children would eat lunches and dinners at school under legislation passed Thursday by the House and sent to the president, part of first lady Michelle Obama's campaign to end childhood hunger and fight childhood obesity.