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Market to Market December 24, 2010 (#3617)

The outlook for commodity prices is bright, and new data suggest recovery may be on its way to Main Street. A coalition of automakers files suit against EPA over its authorization of 15 percent ethanol in U.S. gasoline. And, we'll examine a growing market for chestnuts; they're not just for Christmas anymore. Those stories and market analysis with Don Roose. (27:45)

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In the News

  • House Sends Food Safety Bill to President
    (Dec 23, 2010) WASHINGTON (AP) -- The House has passed a sweeping bill aimed at making food safer following recent contaminations in peanuts, eggs and produce, sending it to President Barack Obama for his signature.
  • Researchers Say Wind Turbines May Benefit Crops
    (Dec 23, 2010) AMES, Iowa — The wind turbines that have been popping up across Iowa may be good for the corn and soybean fields that surround them, according to an Iowa State University researcher who collected data from fields around the turbines last summer.
  • Farm Stores Find Holiday Sales Important Revenue Source
    (Dec 23, 2010) POMFRET, Vt (AP) — This time of year, the owners of On The Edge Farm hope to draw in holiday shoppers to buy gifts from the farm rather than the mall.
  • USDA Rule Change Follows California Meat Packer Case
    (Dec 23, 2010) LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The U.S Department of Agriculture is telling slaughterhouse veterinary inspectors to ensure cattle are euthanized when they are too sick or injured to stand.
  • Spotted Knapweed Control Draws Ire from Beekeepers
    (Dec 23, 2010) DETROIT (AP) — An effort to fight an invasive plant with insects that eat it has drawn opposition from beekeepers who worry it will leave them without an adequate source of nectar and pollen for their honeybees.
  • Food Pantry Gets Free Pork From Cooking Champion
    (Dec 23, 2010) RANTOUL, Ill — Some needy Rantoul families will be enjoying free pork dinners this month because Linda Cifuentes (see-foo-ENT'-ays) really knows how to use a crock pot.