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Market to Market January 21, 2011 (#3621)

We examine how leaders of the world’s two largest economies are finding common ground on matters of trade; discuss questions facing the Secretary of Agriculture on rules relating to genetically engineered crops; and we’ll meet a third generation dairy producer who is capitalizing on a steady source of labor by going robotic. (27:44)

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In the News

  • Farmers Call for Spending Cuts, Can't Agree Where
    (Jan 21, 2011) ATLANTA (AP) -- The nation's biggest farm lobbying group supports a balanced budget.
  • Cargill to Divest Itself of Stake in Mosaic Co.
    (Jan 21, 2011) MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- Agribusiness conglomerate Cargill Inc said Tuesday it will turn over its 64 percent stake in fertilizer maker Mosaic Co.
  • Bacteria Bigger Threat to Citrus than Cold Weather
    (Jan 21, 2011) VERO BEACH, Fla (AP) -- While Florida farmers have lost some of their crop to cold weather for the second year in a row, they say a fast-spreading, incurable bacteria presents a greater threat to their trees and the citrus industry.
  • Federal Government Spends Millions on Hoop Houses
    (Jan 21, 2011) MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — The federal government has spent millions of dollars to help farmers nationwide buy greenhouse-like structures called high tunnels that can add valuable weeks and even months to their growing seasons by protecting produce from...
  • ADM and University of Illinois Partner In Food-Waste Research.
    (Jan 21, 2011) URBANA, Ill (AP) -- Farmers in Argentina have found that simply using jumbo plastic bags can help protect their harvested corn from the elements before it's sold and heads for processing.
  • Germany Bans 934 More Farms in Dioxin Scare
    (Jan 21, 2011) BERLIN (AP) -- Germany's dioxin-tainted food scandal widened Saturday, as authorities banned another 934 farms from selling eggs, poultry and pork after finding out that one company had hidden its deliveries of contaminated livestock feed.
  • Dairy Experts Predict Modest Recovery in 2011
    (Jan 21, 2011) MADISON, Wis (AP) -- The nation's dairy farmers can expect 2011 to be a second straight year of modest growth, according to a report released Wednesday that offers a small dose of optimism to an industry still recovering from a devastating 2009.
  • Supermarkets Getting Squeezed
    (Jan 21, 2011) NEW YORK (AP) - Rising food prices mean grocery store chains must absorb extra costs on items like meat, seafood, and produce, or they try to pass them along to customers.