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Market to Market February 4, 2011 (#3623)

Unrest in Egypt pushes oil prices higher and puts ethanol producers on edge. USDA recommends getting up off the couch and putting less salt in your food – a lot less. And a next-generation ethanol producer converts "one man's trash into a cellulosic treasure." Market analysis with Elaine Kub. (27:47)

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In the News

  • Record World Food Prices Spur Warning
    (Feb 4, 2011) ROME (AP)— A UN agency reported yesterday that world food prices have reached a historic high, but that good harvests are for now forestalling the kind of food emergency felt in many places in 2008.
  • Six Vie to Become Next Chief of UN Food Agency
    (Feb 4, 2011) ROME (AP) -- Six candidates are vying to become the new chief of the U.N.'s Food and Agriculture Organization, including a former EU commissioner, a former Iraqi minister and Spain's former foreign minister.
  • Farmers Create New Alliance to Fight Bad Publicity
    (Feb 4, 2011) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Two dozen of the nation's largest and best-funded farm groups have formed a coalition to counter poor publicity that they say has led to some bad public policies and threatens farmers' ability to produce food for the...
  • Feds Announce $23M to Protect Sage Grouse Habitat
    (Feb 4, 2011) DENVER — A federal agency has announced $23 million in funds to help protect nearly 50,000 acres of sage grouse habitat in Wyoming, Colorado and Montana.
  • Michigan Farmers Warned of Stink Bugs
    (Feb 4, 2011) GRAND RAPIDS, Mich (AP) - Michigan agriculture officials are warning farmers to watch for the brown marmorated stink bug, a nasty invader from Asia that emits a foul stench when squashed and wreaks havoc on fruits and field crops.