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Market to Market February 25, 2011 (#3626)

Lawmakers from Washington to Wisconsin beat the budget drums for spending cuts. Strong agricultural trade figures boost exports. And political unrest in the Middle East creates a roller-coaster week for global energy markets. Market analysis with John Roach. (27:45)

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In the News

  • Clinton: Too Much Ethanol Could Spark Food Riots
    (Feb 25, 2011) WASHINGTON (AP) -- With global food prices rising and more corn being diverted to the production of ethanol fuel, Bill Clinton is warning of food riots in poor nations.
  • Shoppers Wary of GM Foods Find They're Everywhere
    (Feb 25, 2011) WASHINGTON (AP) -- You may not want to eat genetically engineered foods.
  • New Report Exonerates Climate Researchers
    (Feb 25, 2011) WASHINGTON (AP) -- A Commerce Department investigation has found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of federal climate researchers whose e-mails were leaked in the debate over global climate change.
  • USDA, Others Invest $5M to Grow Broccoli in East
    (Feb 25, 2011) RICHMOND, Va (AP) -- A cool microclimate in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains has allowed farmer James Light to grow broccoli in quantity enough to supply a small chain of supermarkets.
  • Strawberry Genome May Lead to Cheaper Berries
    (Feb 25, 2011) CHAMPAIGN, Ill (AP) -- Farmers have long struggled with getting ripe strawberries to market in good shape, but scientists say the recent mapping of the wild strawberry's genome may help them produce berries that are cheaper and easier to grow and...