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Market to Market May 6, 2011 (#3636)

Lawmakers reveal a plan to give ethanol subsidies one final boost. Prince Charles visits the colonies to propose a different kind of revolution. After several weather delays, farmers return to the field for their annual rite of spring. Those stories and market analysis with Walt Hackney and Virgil Robinson. (27:45)

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In the News

  • University gets $4.5 million for child obesity prevention
    (May 6, 2011) URBANA, Ill (AP) - The University of Illinois has received a $4.5 million federal grant to train graduate students in child obesity prevention.
  • White House advances US-Colombia trade agreement
    (May 6, 2011) WASHINGTON (AP) - The White House said Wednesday that it was ready to start talks with Congress on a free trade deal with Colombia, setting the stage for lawmakers to move ahead on similar agreements with South Korea and Panama, as Republicans had...
  • Levee blast means lost year for Missouri farmers
    (May 6, 2011) WYATT, Mo (AP) - Blasting open a levee and submerging more than 200 square miles of Missouri farmland has likely gouged away fertile topsoil, deposited mountains of debris to clear and may even hamper farming in some places for years, experts say.
  • Gray wolves go back to state control
    (May 6, 2011) BILLINGS, Mont (AP) - The Obama administration says it is taking 5,500 wolves off the endangered list in eight states in the Northern Rockies and Great Lakes.
  • Researchers sub feathers for petroleum in plastic
    (May 6, 2011) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) - Researchers have developed ways to substitute chicken feathers for petroleum in some plastic products, and at least two companies are working to bring items ranging from biodegradable flower pots to office furniture to market.
  • South Korea ratifies EU free trade deal
    (May 6, 2011) SEOUL, South Korea (AP) - South Korea's ruling party rammed the country's free trade agreement with the European Union through parliament amid an opposition boycott in a result that shifts focus to a still unratified deal with the United States.