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Market to Market June 10, 2011 (#3641)

Inhabitants of the Missouri River Watershed prepare for record flooding. Despite a significant decline in acreage, USDA still predicts a bumper corn crop. And when combined with tight supplies and strong demand, Mother Nature sets the stage for volatile markets. Those stories and market analysis with Don Roose. (27:45)

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In the News

  • USDA Provides Emergency Funds to Protect Five Western States From Flooding
    (Jun 10, 2011) WASHINGTON(USDA) - Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack today announced that USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will provide $3 million in Emergency Watershed Protection (EWP) Program funds to five western states where record...
  • Food Prices Slightly Lower World Wide
    (Jun 10, 2011) ROME (AP) -- Global food prices fell slightly in May, but they will remain "at stubbornly high levels" for months to come, a U.N agency said Tuesday.
  • 'Super' Wheat to Boost Food Security
    (Jun 10, 2011) MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Scientists say they're close to producing new "super varieties" of wheat that will resist a virulent fungus while boosting yields up to 15 percent, potentially easing a deadly threat to the world's food supply.
  • Sprouts Clearly Caused E.coli Outbreak
    (Jun 10, 2011) BERLIN — German vegetable sprouts caused the E coli outbreak that has killed 31 people and sickened nearly 3,100, investigators announced Friday after tracking links to the bacteria from patients in hospital beds to restaurants and then farm fields.
  • Russia Promises to Lift Ban on EU Vegetables
    (Jun 10, 2011) NIZHNY NOVGOROD, Russia (AP) -- Russia promised Friday to lift its blanket ban on European vegetables once the EU provides documented proof of their safety, and voiced hope that it could join the World Trade Organization this year after nearly 20...
  • Australia Suspends Live Cattle Trade to Indonesia
    (Jun 10, 2011) CANBERRA, Australia (AP) -- Australia has suspended live cattle exports to Indonesia after an outcry over footage that showed the animals screaming and writhing as they were slaughtered, the government said Wednesday as a key political party...
  • USDA Announces White House Council to Strengthen Rural Communities
    (Jun 10, 2011) WASHINGTON, D.C (USDA) – The White House today announced the establishment of the first White House Rural Council.
  • Official Predict Prolonged High Food Prices
    (Jun 17, 2011) PARIS — High food prices are likely to rise even further over the next decade, putting the poor at an increasing risk of malnutrition and hunger, a world food report warned Friday.