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Market to Market June 17, 2011 (#3642)

In the News

  • E-Verify Bill Gives Agriculture Extra Time
    (Jun 17, 2011) WASHINGTON (AP) -- A bill that would require U.S businesses to use a government database to verify that new workers are in the country legally is giving the agriculture industry a slight break.
  • House Votes to Block Payments to Brazil
    (Jun 17, 2011) The House voted Thursday to block a $147 million annual payment to Brazil's cotton industry, renewing a decade-old trade dispute with the country.
  • Measures to Stop Livestock Taping Stall in States
    (Jun 17, 2011) DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) -- Efforts to outlaw the undercover recording of animal abuse in livestock operations appear to have stalled in Iowa and other states in the face of complaints that the proposals were intended primarily to protect the...
  • Indiana Rewarded for Reduction of Errors in Food Stamp Program
    (Jun 17, 2011) INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — Federal officials said Thursday that Indiana will be rewarded for having fewer errors in its food stamp program a year after the state was fined for making too many mistakes, including underpaying some food stamp recipients and...
  • Taking Agriculture out of the Great Lakes Agricultural Fair
    (Jun 17, 2011) PONTIAC, Mich (AP) — A new agriculture-themed Labor Day weekend event planned for the Pontiac Silverdome is being changed to go on without animals or plants.
  • What's Cooking in D.C.
    (Jun 17, 2011) The National Archives opens its first exhibit Friday on the history of U.S. food and the government's effect on the nation's diet. "What's Cooking Uncle Sam?" is a departure for the Archives, which more often deals with issues of presidential...