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Market to Market July 15, 2011 (#3646)

From record drought - to epic flooding - to damaging windstorms -- rural America is battered by Mother Nature. President Obama urges Congress to approve several trade deals with serious implications for farmers and ranchers. And the Agriculture Department offers its latest assessments of domestic and global supply and demand. Those stories and market analysis with John Roach. (27:45)

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In the News

  • High heat kills thousands of turkeys and chickens
    (Jul 15, 2011) A heat wave that has pushed temperatures well over 100 degrees has killed tens of thousands of turkeys and chickens in Kansas and North Carolina and left farmers across the lower part of the country struggling to cool off their flocks.
  • House votes to take EPA off clean water beat
    (Jul 18, 2011) The Republican-controlled House passed a bill Wednesday that would sharply curtail the federal government's role in protecting waters from pollution by barring the Environmental Protection Agency from overruling state decisions on water quality.