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Market to Market August 5, 2011 (#3649)

Southern farmers and ranchers endure the worst drought since the Dust Bowl. Uncle Sam won't default on his debt, but the "deal" leaves farm programs in limbo. The next generation of traders analyzes data found only in the "Twittersphere..." Market analysis with Mark Gold.

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In the News

  • Intensive monitoring of Asian Carp begins near Lake Michigan
    (Aug 5, 2011) Federal officials say they will begin intensive monitoring of a waterway near Lake Michigan next week after genetic material from the invasive Asian carp showed up in three rounds of genetic testing.
  • Wild donkeys taken to mainland
    (Aug 5, 2011) In an effort to control the Big Island's wild donkey population, about 100 of them are being taken to California.
  • Birth control to be used on wild herd
    (Aug 5, 2011) The U.S. Bureau of Land Management says it plans to use a birth-control drug to reduce the growth of wild horse herds in southwestern Wyoming.
  • One death linked to ground turkey
    (Aug 5, 2011) Authorities say a 65-year-old Northern California woman is the only person to die in a nationwide salmonella outbreak linked to ground turkey.