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Market to Market August 19, 2011 (#3651)

President Obama tours the Midwest to outline his plans to rejuvenate the rural economy. Lawmakers eye looming appropriation battles as the next vehicle to attack ethanol. Texas farmers and ranchers cope with a drought of epic proportions. Market analysis with Jamey Kohake.

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In the News

  • Republicans warn against waiving air subsidy cuts
    (Aug 19, 2011) Republican lawmakers warned Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood in a letter this week against waiving cuts in subsidies for air service to 10 rural communities unless he can show it would be too difficult for residents to reach a larger airport.
  • MT governor backs out of flood meeting
    (Aug 19, 2011) Governors from several states affected by this year's historic overflowing of the Missouri River were gathering Friday to discuss ways to avoid a repeat of the destructive floodwaters that submerged thousands of acres of farmland and forced...
  • Demand has US looking to expand canola crop
    (Aug 19, 2011) The demand for canola, best known for the cooking oil it produces, continues to rise and the industry is working to grow more of the plant in the U.S. to keep pace with increased sales.
  • Survey suggests economy slowing in Midwest, Plains
    (Aug 19, 2011) The economy in rural areas of 10 Midwest and Plains states appears to be slowing down as concerns about the nation's financial health grow, according to a new monthly survey of bankers released Thursday.
  • Huge fish spurs call to 're-reverse' Chicago River
    (Aug 19, 2011) The city was in a predicament. By the late 1800s, the slow-moving Chicago River had become a cesspool of sewage and factory pollution oozing into Lake Michigan, the source of drinking water for the bustling metropolis.
  • Cargill resumes turkey production at Ark. plant
    (Aug 19, 2011) Minnesota-based Cargill Inc. has resumed production of ground turkey at an Arkansas plant linked to a salmonella outbreak.
  • Feds back off commercial licenses for farmers idea
    (Aug 19, 2011) Federal highway officials have decided that farmers who operate tractors, combines and semitrailers can keep driving on rural roads without the same kind of regulations that apply to long-haul truckers.