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Market to Market November 25, 2011 (#3713)

Bipartisan efforts to cut the federal deficit collapse, leaving farm programs in limbo. The World Trade Organization rejects America's Country of Origin Labeling Program. We explain why cranberries -- like all commodities -- are not immune to the law of supply and demand. Market analysis with Tomm Pfitzenmaier. (27:45)

Tags: agriculture commodities country of origin labeling cranberries Farm Programs federal deficit government supply and demand Tomm Pfitzenmaier World Trade Organization WTO

In the News

  • Cranberries appearance is key for some diners
    (Nov 23, 2011) Nicholas Mackara isn't about to drive over to his parents' house for Thanksgiving to sit down to a dish of some fancy homemade cranberry sauce that Martha Stewart might serve. He's so determined that his cranberry sauce come from a can that he...
  • Highway trucks get heavier prompting safety questions
    (Nov 23, 2011) Officially, the national weight limit for freight trucks on interstate highways is 40 tons. In reality, trucks are getting heavier in more states - legally - and advocates for highway safety and the trucking industry are sharply at odds about it.
  • Pecan thief case is a tough one to crack
    (Nov 23, 2011) It may sound completely nuts, but Georgia farmers say they're busy guarding against a proliferation of pecan thieves.
  • President issues Thanksgiving pardons to two birds
    (Nov 23, 2011) With a wave of his hand, President Barack Obama on Wednesday gave two plump turkeys a Thanksgiving reprieve, noting that without his intervention, "they'd end up next to the mashed potatoes and stuffing."
  • Livestock farmers say ethanol eats too much corn
    (Nov 23, 2011) Livestock farmers are demanding a change in the nation's ethanol policy, claiming current rules could lead to higher meat prices if corn growers have a bad year.
  • After salmonella outbreak, egg mogul will quit his farms
    (Nov 23, 2011) A ruthless entrepreneur who built one of the nation's largest egg production operations from scratch even as he racked up environmental and labor violations is quitting the business after one scandal proved too much to overcome: a nationwide...