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Market to Market September 7, 2012 (#3802)

President Obama explains why the worst is over but he still needs more time. New research indicates organic foods aren’t much healthier than their conventional cousins. Hurricane Isaac brings much-needed moisture to portions of the Grain Belt, but it’s too little too late for corn producers. Market analysis with Naomi Blohm. (27:45)

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In the News

  • Disease Fatal to Deer Showing up in Cattle
    (Sep 7, 2012) State agriculture officials say a disease fueled by the Midwest drought that's often fatal to deer is showing up in cattle in Nebraska.
  • Food Co-ops Brace for Arrival of Giant Rivals
    (Sep 7, 2012) The Boise Co-op eliminated thousands of slow-selling items. The Wheatsvile Food Co-op in Texas is opening its second store after 40 years. And the Davis Food Co-op in California is turning to a store designer.
  • Officials to Test for Asian Carp at Bait Shops
    (Sep 7, 2012) Officials plan to expand efforts to test for Asian carp in the Lake Erie basin to bait shops.
  • Iowa study aimed at making tractors safer for kids
    (Sep 7, 2012) Researchers who hope to prevent children from dying in tractor accidents are turning to a state-of-the-art driving simulator to help determine when kids can safely operate farm equipment.
  • Farm bureaus: EPA lawsuit could affect thousands
    (Sep 7, 2012) The American Farm Bureau and its West Virginia counterpart say an Environmental Protection Agency move aimed at cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay could set critical legal precedent for their members, so they should be allowed to intervene in an...
  • Documents show questions raised about failed plant
    (Sep 7, 2012) Government officials who approved financing for a failed south Georgia ethanol fuel plant that cost taxpayers at least $75 million did so despite repeated warnings and strong opposition by some of the federal overseers who reviewed the projected.
  • UN: No evidence of new food price crisis
    (Sep 7, 2012) Prices of basic foods remained flat in August, offering assurances that a repeat of the global food price crisis that sparked rioting several years ago is unlikely, U.N. food agency officials said Thursday.