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Market to Market September 14, 2012 (#3803)

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Presidential candidate surrogates outline their priorities for rural America. The Agriculture Department releases its much-anticipated supply and demand estimates. The EPA explains why it’s conducting aerial surveillance of some livestock operations. Market analysis with Elaine Kub and Walt Hackney. (27:43)

Tags: agriculture Barack Obama economy Elaine Kub EPA farms livestock markets Mitt Romney presidential campaigns Walt Hackney

In the News

  • Ind. farm linked to salmonella pulls watermelons
    (Sep 14, 2012) An Indiana farm linked to a salmonella outbreak from cantaloupe that killed two people has now pulled its watermelons from the market.
  • CDC reports incidents of tainted ricotta cheese
    (Sep 14, 2012) The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says ricotta cheese tainted with listeria bacteria is linked to 14 illnesses and at least one death.
  • Fewer modern farmers rely on almanacs for insights
    (Sep 14, 2012) The 2013 edition of the Old Farmer’s Almanac hit shelves Wednesday, but many farmers say the booklets known for their catchy weather predictions are no longer a go-to source in the Information Age.
  • Drought could hit Iowa Christmas tree supply
    (Sep 14, 2012) Christmas trees in Iowa and other Midwestern states could become the newest victims of this year's drought.
  • BPI Files Lawsuit Against ABC
    (Sep 14, 2012) Beef Products Inc. has filed a defamation lawsuit against ABC News for its coverage of a meat product that critics dubbed "pink slime," alleging the network misled consumers to believe the product is unhealthy and unsafe.