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Market to Market June 7, 2013 (#3841)

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Rains dampen the Corn Belt yet again, pushing the Mississippi River to flood stage. Senate lawmakers move one step closer to a final vote on the Farm Bill. Persistent drought in Colorado results in smaller herds for ranchers. Market analysis with Don Roose. (27:46)

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In the News

  • Monsanto: Modified wheat 'isolated occurence'
    (Jun 7, 2013) Monsanto Co. said a genetically modified test strain of wheat that emerged to the surprise of an Oregon farmer last month was likely the result of an accident or deliberate mixing of seeds.
  • Panel: US should let nature cull wild horse herds
    (Jun 7, 2013) The National Science Academy's National Research Council concluded that management of wild horses has led to overpopulation
  • Crunchy, sweet doughnut-croissant packs NYC bakery
    (Jun 7, 2013) A new doughnut-croissant hybrid has created a foodie frenzy in New York City.
  • Plan would lift Lower 48 wolf protections
    (Jun 7, 2013) With more than 6,100 wolves roaming the Northern Rockies and western Great Lakes, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Director Dan Ashe told The Associated Press that a species persecuted to near-extermination last century has successfully rebounded.
  • Global food prices seen rising
    (Jun 7, 2013) Two international agencies say rising global food demand will push up prices 10 to 40 percent over the coming decade.
  • China's Top Butcher tries to sell U.S. on takeover
    (Jun 7, 2013) At an age when most Chinese executives are long retired, the country's top hog butcher is taking on a daunting new job persuading Americans to allow him to complete China's biggest takeover of a U.S. company.
  • Kansas Farmer sues Monsanto over GMO Wheat discovery
    (Jun 7, 2013) A Kansas farmer has sued seed giant Monsanto over last week's discovery of genetically engineered experimental wheat in an 80-acre field in Oregon, claiming the company's gross negligence hurt U.S. growers by driving down wheat prices and...
  • Cow in northwestern Minnesota dies of anthrax
    (Jun 7, 2013) The Board of Animal Health said Friday that tests confirm a 4-year-cow found dead Monday on a farm in Pennington County of northwestern Minnesota died of anthrax. The beef herd had not been vaccinated against the disease.