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Market to Market October 11, 2013 (#3907)

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Up to 4’ of snow falls in parts of South Dakota resulting in heavy losses for cattle producers. 10 days into the government shutdown hopes rise for a solution to the fiscal fiasco in Washington. And by paying attention to the little things, author and agricultural consultant Temple Grandin, delivers big results. Market analysis with Elaine Kub. (27:44)

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In the News

  • Police Arrest 8 House Members at Immigration Rally
    (Oct 11, 2013) WASHINGTON (AP) — At least eight Democratic members of the House were among about 200 people arrested Tuesday after they blocked a main street near the Capitol during a massive rally seeking to push Republicans to hold a vote on a stalled...
  • NYC Menu Offers Something New: Silence
    (Oct 11, 2013) NEW YORK (AP) — Quiet, please. Your dinner will now be served. That's the message being sent to customers at a New York City restaurant that prohibits any talking during an occasionally put-on $40 prix fixe, four-course meal. Nicholas...
  • Govt Health and Safety Efforts Slowed or Halted
    (Oct 11, 2013) WASHINGTON (AP) — The government shutdown has slowed or halted federal efforts to protect Americans' health and safety, from probes into the cause of transportation and workplace accidents to tracking foodborne illness. The latest example: an...
  • Companies Announce LNG Site for Alaska Project
    (Oct 11, 2013) JUNEAU, Alaska (AP) — The companies seeking to advance a multibillion dollar natural gas pipeline project in Alaska have selected a port town where gas would be liquefied and shipped to Asia. Exxon Mobil, BP, ConocoPhillips and TransCanada...
  • Poultry Plants Linked to Outbreak Stay Open
    (Oct 11, 2013) The department threatened earlier this week to shut down the plants if Foster Farms did not prove that it had made enough changes.
  • Navajos Agree to End Horse Roundups for Slaughter
    (Oct 11, 2013) ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — The Navajo Nation says it will end its wild horse roundups and reverse its public support for a return to domestic horse slaughter following talks with former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson. Navajo Nation...
  • Farm Groups Appeal Chesapeake Bay Cleanup Ruling
    (Oct 11, 2013) The case, according to Farm Bureau President Bob Stallman, is not about protecting the Chesapeake Bay, but rather about whether "EPA can dictate where farming will be allowed, where homes can be built and where businesses can be established."
  • Labeling Bill Raises Modified Food Debate In Illinois
    (Oct 11, 2013) Democratic Sen. David Koehler says consumers have a right to know if the food their putting into their bodies was made with so-called GMOs.