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Market to Market May 9, 2014 (#3937)

In the News

  • Tornado-Stricken Town Rebuilds With Clean Energy
    (May 9, 2014) Supporters of clean energy seized on an unusual opportunity to rebuild a town from the ground up with the latest green technology.
  • Sales of Organic Products Climb in Illinois
    (May 9, 2014) The U.S. Department of Agriculture figures show sales growth came despite the fact that the overall number of farms in the state fell during the same period.
  • Ousted Thai PM Indicted Over Rice Subsidy Scheme
    (May 9, 2014) The government lost billions of dollars on the rice subsidy plan, which also cost Thailand its position as the world's leading rice exporter as the artificially high prices forced the government to stockpile the commodity.
  • Finances Will Shelve 2014 Macon County Fair
    (May 9, 2014) According to The Herald Review the fair owes more than $36,000 in prizes for livestock exhibitors from last year.
  • Senate Takes Up Energy Bill Amid Keystone Squabble
    (May 9, 2014) Senators voted 79-20 to take up an energy efficiency bill that Keystone supporters want to amend with language authorizing immediate construction of the proposed pipeline from Canada to the United States.
  • Feds Issue Emergency Order On Crude Oil Trains
    (May 9, 2014) The emergency order follows a warning two weeks ago that the department risks a "higher body count" as the result of fiery oil train accidents if it waits for new safety regulations to become final.
  • Federal Watchdog: Pipeline Safety Oversight Shoddy
    (May 9, 2014) In a report released Friday, the Transportation Department's inspector general says the federal effort is so riddled with weaknesses that it's not possible to ensure states are enforcing pipeline safety.
  • Water Flows Uphill? Maybe, in California Drought
    (May 9, 2014) State water engineers say using pumps to reverse the flow of the aqueduct would be a first in a drought. It would also be a complex engineering challenge that could cost millions of dollars,