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Drought Conditions Could Spark Disaster in Colorado

posted on March 22, 2013

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On Wednesday, Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper proclaimed the week “Wildfire and Flood Awareness Week” across the Rocky Mountain state.  The proclamation came as firefighters wound down a battle with an unseasonable blaze that scorched over 1,300 acres in the foothills near Fort Collins. 

 Brian Waggoner, Fort Collins resident:: "Yeah there's snow on those mountains, yet we are seeing flames at the same time. It’s just unheard of to see this time of year. I just hope this isn’t the new norm of what we're going to be seeing every summer and every spring out here. It’s kind of frightening."

 Statewide the snowpack is 77 percent of average and most of Colorado is gripped in severe to exceptional drought.  Conditions in Bolder County are as unfavorable as they were last year when over 4,000 wildfires burned nearly 385 thousand acres. 

In his proclamation Governor Hickenlooper  mentioned the 2012 wildfires that killed six people and caused an estimated $538 million in damage making them the worst on record.. 

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