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Missing Acres Reappear In June Acreage Report

posted on July 3, 2009

In its Prospective Plantings report issued back in March, the Agriculture Department estimated U.S. farmers would plant almost 8 million fewer total acres than last year.

Analysts were able to account for nearly a third of the missing acreage, theorizing most was located in states where extreme weather conditions forced large amounts of land out of production. Nevertheless several million acres of the nation's farmland remained in limbo.

But, USDA's latest Planted Acreage Report revealed this week a few million more wayward acres had been found

Missing Acres Reappear In June Acreage Report

The number of corn acres rose by 2 million over the March estimate climbing to 87 million. That's the second highest number of acres planted in corn since 1946.

Soybean acreage also increased as the search for missing land continued. According to USDA, farmers planted a record 77.5 million bean acres this season, up 2 percent from last year, and 1.5 million acres above the previous assessment.

The government estimates five percent fewer acres were planted in wheat this year. The largest amount of ground is still devoted to winter wheat at 43 million acres -- a 6 percent decline from 2008.

Cotton farmers were expected to plant 8.81 million acres but a little more territory was seeded than first reported. The June report shows just over 9 million acres of ground in play -- down 4 percent from last year but up 3 percentage points from the previous survey. Despite the increase, that is the smallest number of cotton acres planted in more than two decades.

The market reacted negatively as the news took some traders by surprise. Corn was limit-down on Tuesday at the beginning of the week and soybeans also trended lower.


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