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Former Market Host Passes

posted on January 4, 2002

For many ... Chet Randolph will be remembered as the father of MARKET TO MARKET

DIZ Slug: "next week become m/m"

But he was so much more.

In his life he has been a broadcaster and a farmer. He has been a commodity broker, and was an early international promoter of the soybean.

His knowledge and character gained him the confidence of both the entrenched ... and the disaffected. He was a trusted spokesman for Rural America and the quintessential good neighbor.

Few have enjoyed life more than Chet. For seventy-six years it was his joyous quest to understand the world around him. To that end he has visited and studied on every continent. Market to Market staffers' last saw him attending a lecture by Bill Moyers on the events of September 11.

Chet Randolph A man of grace, kindness and good humor ... for those who knew him he will be sorely missed ... and forever present.


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