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Wildfires cause lengthy damage

posted on September 30, 2011

Wildfires cause lengthy damage

According to AgriLife Extension, wildfires have cost Texas farmers and ranchers $200 million this year. That’s on top of the $5.2 Billion in drought losses, already inflicted on crop and livestock.

Some of the specific wildlife damages include 6,000 miles of fencing, enough fence to traverse Texas nearly seven times. Agrilife Extension estimates a cost of $10,000 dollars per mile to replace the fencing. That’s about $60 million dollars in fence repair alone. 

About 1,500 head of livestock also have been lost in the wildfires. Pasture areas damaged by fire compares to nearly twice the size of the state of Delaware. 

The worst single-year drought in Lone Star State history has provided a rich environment for the fires. The official wildfire season started November of last year. Since then, firefighters have responded to nearly 24,000 blazes and more are expected in the months ahead. 

Timber losses have been huge in East Texas. Since November, more than 200,000 acres, or $97 million worth of timber have gone up in smoke.

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