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Rural America Loses an Icon

posted on June 4, 2012

Rural America Loses an Icon

Iowa Public Television lost a friend and a colleague Sunday, and the state of Iowa lost a smart, enthusiastic, and talented agricultural broadcaster with the passing of Mark Pearson.

For more than 20 years, Mark hosted Market to Market – reporting the latest news in agribusiness and providing critical insights for viewers across the nation.

A true ambassador for rural America, Mark spoke extensively on the national circuit and was recognized wherever he went. He was gregarious and kind-hearted, yet he took the business of agriculture very seriously. He knew the industry inside and out, both as a reporter and as a farmer through his own grain and livestock operation in Winterset. 

He was a tenacious worker, but he always had time for a joke -- often at his own expense. 

We're shocked and saddened by this tremendous loss, and our hearts go out to his wife Eden and their four children, whom he loved so dearly and spoke of so frequently. We join with thousands of others in mourning our dear friend Mark. 

We have opened the comments section for you to leave your own thoughts about Mark and his work. Had you met Mark somewhere? Have a good story to share that we can share with his family and his Market to Market colleagues? We appreciate it.


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