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Market Analysis: Apr 05, 2002

posted on April 5, 2002

The grain markets finished the week lower following release of the acreage report last week, and continued concerns about burdensome supplies. For the week, wheat prices were down more than seven cents. Corn futures were down two cents.

Soybean futures were down more than a dime. Soybean meal closed the week $3.70 lower per ton.

Cotton futures were down 43-cents.

In livestock, fed cattle futures were down $1.78. feeder cattle futures were down $2.45. the lean hog contract closed $5.88 lower.

In the financials, comex gold closed $2.50 lower per ounce. The euro finished the week 85-basis points higher against the dollar. And, the crb index finished the week nearly three points lower to close at 201.20.

Here now to lend us his insight is one of our regular market analysts, John Roach. Welcome back.

Market Analysis: Apr 05, 2002 Thanks John. That wraps up this edition of Market to Market. Join us again next week when we examine an ambitious farmer-lead effort to curb farm run-off into watersheds. Until then, thanks for watching. I'm Mark Pearson, have a good week.

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