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Market Plus: Nov 15, 2002

posted on November 15, 2002

Market Plus: Nov 15, 2002

Mark Pearson: Welcome to Market Plus, part of our full service of Market to Market Web site. I'm the host of Market to Market, Mark Pearson and with me tonight our guest is Tomm Pfitzenmaier. And Tom, you talked about a lot of different things but I think the one part of your interview that I thought was extremely important was this idea with all the competitive issues we have going on out there to get some of that '03 corn priced.

Tomm Phitzenmaier: Yeah, we had good opportunities to sell corn at a good level this year that I assume people took advantage of. Here's an opportunity -- like I said on the show, you need to set aside a little bit about what happened last year. We're probably not going to go back to $2.96 this year. If you can establish a floor at $2.50 I think you're going to get a chance to buy those $2.50 puts for around twenty to twenty-two cents. I think you're going to get an opportunity to sell the $2.80 calls for ten and a half to eleven cents. Should one pay for the other and just sit and ride it out, it's worked several years except for last year and I think it's going to come back and start working again. It does leave some upside potential which is good but gives you a really, really good floor.

Mark Pearson: Tomm, talk about that cattle on feed report, I mean, fairly friendly.

Tomm Phitzenmaier: Yeah, it was friendly. We've talked about, on the show several times, we've been in an uptrend in cattle since last May. That has continued, we're probably going to be higher next week. We're getting up in the levels where you start to wonder if the economy really is faltering, how much longer can demand prop up this beef price. You've got to be very impressed in a faltering economy how well meat is moved in all three of the main categories.

Mark Pearson: And that's Market Plus, for Tomm Pfitzenmaier I'm Mark Pearson. Thanks for joining us.


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