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posted on January 2, 2009

STARKVILLE, Miss. (AP) - For the second straight year, Mississippi's top row crop was soybeans.

With the vegetable's increased acreage and price, experts are predicting the trend will continue in 2009 despite the escalating threat of voracious eating insects.

Farmers planted 2.1 million acres of soybeans, 35 percent more than 2007, and made an estimated $604 million off the crop, a 15-percent increase from last year.

"The increase was primarily due to excellent prices for soybean," said Trey Koger, with the Mississippi State University Extension Service. "The other commodity crops had lower prices and high costs for inputs, especially for cotton and rice."

Soybean prices averaged $11.25 a bushel in 2008. The 2007 average price per bushel was $8.

Soybeans have become more popular because the crop performs well in Mississippi and is comparatively inexpensive to produce.

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