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Mangos for Motorcycles

posted on April 13, 2007

Indian mangos will hit U.S. grocery shelves for the first time in 18 years. In exchange, in a trade agreement between India and the U.S., Harley Davidson motorcycles will soon cruise the roads in India.

Lifting the 18-year ban on mango imports from India was first agreed on during President Bush's visit to India last year. The ban was in place over concerns that Indian farmers used too many pesticides. But the farmers instead will irradiate the fruit to kill any pests, thereby meeting the approval of U.S. agriculture officials.

The entry of Harley Davidson motorcycles to India was hampered by strict emissions standards and tariffs of more than 90 percent. But U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab said, "We have received indications that the Indian government will accept Euro 3 (emission) standards for heavy motorcycles, creating an opportunity for a niche in the market."

Overall on trade, The U.S. wants greater access to India's fast growing economy and India wants the U.S. to end farm subsidies so Indian farmers can compete.

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