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Cow Manure for Home Flooring

posted on March 16, 2007

A cow pie – don't step in it, step on it. Researchers at Michigan State University and USDA say cow manure can be processed and sterilized and replace sawdust in fiberboard – which is used to make everything from furniture to flooring.

Scientists are conducting tests on various types of fiberboard made with "digester solids." The solids come from anaerobic digesters used to manage waste at many large livestock operations. Among other things, the systems separate phosphorus-laden liquid fertilizer from semisolid plant residue. The solids are used in products such as animal bedding and potting soil, but scientists would like to create other uses such as various types of fiberboard.

Researchers hope their product development can contribute to the solution of disposing of the 1.5 to 2 trillion pounds of livestock manure produced annually in the U.S.

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