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Global Warming Roundup

posted on January 5, 2007

According to scientists and government officials, global warming is causing severe worldwide environmental implications. In South America, Brazilian scientists warn that left unchecked, global warming could devastate the Amazonian rain forest.

"The worst-case scenario sees temperatures rise by 5 to 8 degrees (Celsius) until 2100, while rainfall will decrease between 15 percent and 20 percent," said Jose Antonio Marengo, a meteorologist with Brazil's National Space Research Institute. "This setting will transform the Amazon rain forest into a savanna-like landscape."

A more optimistic scenario from the scientists involves governments taking more aggressive actions to halt global warming by limiting greenhouse gasses.

Across the globe in Asia, the Chinese government has issued a report that recognizes significant climate change in the region. The report went on to state that global warming could wreck havoc on China's agricultural economy – possibly causing large output declines.

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