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New Bird Flu Strain Found

posted on November 3, 2006

Scientists at the University of Hong Kong have discovered a new strain of Bird Flu. This new strain is being referred to as "H5N1 Fujian-like." According to the authors of the study, this virus tolerates current vaccines.

Health officials around the world have been keeping an eye on victims of all highly pathogenic H5N1 flu strains to see if they have mutated to the point where they can pass from person to person, though no cases have been confirmed.

The highly pathogenic H5N1 Asian flu strain, the most widely known version of the deadly virus, has infected 256 and killed 152 in Asia. The Asian strain also is responsible for the death of millions of birds and billions in lost revenue. Neither of the deadly strains has been found in domestic flocks or wild birds in the United States.

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