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You Think Eminent Domain is Harsh?

posted on June 9, 2006

Due to rising interest rates and disappointing prices, landless farmers in Brazil have taken to the streets. 20 people were injured on Tuesday when workers demonstrated at Brazil's Congress, demanding agrarian reforms.

Marcos Praxedes, leader of the Movement for the Liberation of the Landless (MLST), said 300 demonstrators, armed with sticks and stones, wanted to enter the building peacefully to demand speedier land reforms.

Representative Aldo Rebelo, president of the Chamber of Deputies, said Congress summoned security guards to arrest the protesters and called the army to clear out the building. But, after the MLST agreed to leave peacefully, he canceled the request for additional security.

The MLST is a splinter group of the Landless Rural Workers' Movement, which for years has conducted high-profile, organized invasions of land it deems unproductive.

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