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No More Hormones in Montana

posted on June 9, 2006

Dairy farmers in Montana have responded to consumers demands for hormone-free milk.

Officials with the state's two major milk possessors are now doing business with farmers who have signed affidavits stating they do not feed their cows a growth hormone that enhances milk production.

Darigold Farms of Montana stopped accepting milk last week from farmers who give their cattle the hormone. CEO Mike Monforton said the decision was lead by farmers and derived from consumer demand.

Katie Koppenhoefer, a spokeswoman for the International Dairy Foods Association, said she has only heard of a handful of processors who aren't accepting milk from cows given the hormone. She also doesn't see a trend in that direction, and said the use of the hormone makes no difference in the milk.

In addition, Todd Gahagan, chief of the state Department of Livestock's dairy and egg bureau said this should have little effect on Montana's dairy industry, because most producers weren't using the hormone.

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