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No Such Thing as Free Gas

posted on May 26, 2006

An overwhelming interest in South Dakota's Twenty Bucks for the Road promotion has driven the program to a screeching halt – for now. The Tourism Office has temporarily suspended it while requests are being processed.

The program is a joint venture with the ethanol industry and offers summer tourists from Iowa and nine other states a voucher worth 20 dollars on ethanol-blended fuel in South Dakota.

It started with a limit of three-thousand vouchers, but was boosted to 35 thousand because of strong initial demand. South Dakota Tourism says it has now received more than 38 thousand voucher requests from the 10 states, which also include Colorado, Illinois, Wisconsin, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota and Texas.

Spokeswoman Nicole Pullman says the requests are being checked to verify a household won't receive multiple vouchers.

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