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Groups Ask Congress Not to Delay Farm Bill

posted on May 19, 2006

Environmental groups and think tank representatives are saying "Don't Delay the Farm Bill." They are calling on the U.S. Congress to follow through with plans to put together the next farm bill in 2007, rather than give in to recent requests for an extension to the current set of laws.

The president of the non-profit Environmental Working Group recently told reporters that an extension of the 2002 farm bill would put off much needed debate on how subsidies are dolled out by the government.

A variety of think tanks are saying any delay could be devastating because 2008 will be an election year, noting lawmakers will be in a hurry to get out of Washington to get home and campaign.

Meanwhile, some lawmakers have crafted legislation to extend the current farm bill in what they call a multi-year blueprint for government farm subsidies and programs.

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