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High Fertilizer Costs Create Market for Hog Waste

posted on May 5, 2006

Fuel isn't the only rising expense to hit rural America in the pocketbook. The increasing cost of fertilizer is forcing some farmers to turn away from chemical suppliers and towards a home-grown alternative.

One Iowa City, Iowa, farmer plans to use hog waste for all his fertilizer needs. Randy Lackender will provide a building to house hogs owned by a local pork producer. In exchange for use of the building, Lackender will receive free manure.

Ron Stutsman, Lacklender's former fertilizer supplier, plans to compensate for the business loss but emphasized his company also feels the pinch at the pump.

"That adds to our cost of being in business. It's substantial," Stutsman said. "This is taking a big bite out of the economy. If it stays this way, we'll have to increase prices."

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