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Government Study Shows Few Cows Infected with BSE

posted on April 28, 2006

BSE in the U.S. is likely to affect four to seven cows, according to USDA Secretary Mike Johanns. The calculations come from new testing data released Friday. With such low numbers of cattle affected, and following a review of the data by a panel of independent scientists, Johanns says he expects the amount of testing for mad cow to be scaled back.

Johanns said there is little justification for higher testing levels, which rose from 55 samples daily before mad cow was discovered in the U.S. to about 1,000 samples daily.

Johanns said he will discuss the testing data with his Japanese counterpart when the two attend trade talks in Geneva next week. Japan blocked U.S. beef shipments in January after finding a banned substance –backbone -- in a shipment of veal.

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