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Senators Try New Tact on Labeling

posted on November 18, 2005

Several senators are proposing that the U.S. Department of Agriculture take its logo off certain cuts of imported meat, a move that could make the market more favorable for some U.S. ranchers.

Sen. Tim Johnson, D-S.D., introduced legislation this week that would prohibit labels such as "USDA prime" or "USDA choice" on packages of imported beef and lamb. The bill, which is con-sponsored by North Dakota Democrats Kent Conrad and Byron Dorgan, would prevent the Agricultural Marketing Service from grading those meats.

Johnson's bill is in response to several delays for a meat labeling law authorized in the 2002 farm bill. Originally scheduled to begin in 2004, the country-of-origin labeling was delayed two years ago until 2006, and then last month was pushed back until 2008.

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