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Automaker Donates E-85 Vehicle to Iowa

posted on July 8, 2005

General Motors this week donated to Iowa a sport utility vehicle capable of running on E-85 fuel as part of a campaign to promote the alternative fuel.

Company officials presented the keys of the new Chevrolet Tahoe to Gov. Tom Vilsack at a suburban Des Moines elementary school. The vehicle will be used by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

The presentation was part of a campaign by the company and a coalition of governors to increase the use of ethanol. Most ethanol blends contain a 10 percent mix of ethanol with gasoline; E-85 contains a blend of 85 percent ethanol with gasoline.

There currently are 19 filling stations in Iowa that offer E-85 fuel. The state's 17 ethanol plants make it the largest producer of ethanol in the nation.

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