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War of Words Continues in Nebraska

posted on March 23, 2012

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is criticizing Nebraska governor Dave Heineman for recent comments he made about the animal rights organization.

At a recent meeting meeting in Lexington, Heineman said of HSUS, quote, “We’re going to kick your a** and send you (HSUS) out of the state.”

In response, HSUS has sent the governor a letter calling on him to “get off your soapbox and join the discussion about animal welfare’s place in agriculture.” 

HSUS also calls Heineman’s comments “belligerent”.

Meanwhile, Pete McClymont, the president of the coalition of Nebraska livestock groups called We Support Agriculture, tells Brownfield that his organization stands firm in its support of Governor Heineman.

“We have the luxury, as no other state in the country has, of (having) a governor that knows the value of agriculture, of jobs, of the benefit of what agriculture brings to the state of Nebraska—and he stands up and shows the true colors of what these animal rights groups are doing,” McClymont says. “We will always stand behind somebody who is that adamant and defiant, for our benefit.”

HSUS says the governor’s remarks are offensive to its 51-thousand supporters in Nebraska. 

McClymont wonders if those supporters understand how HSUS is using their donations.

“Are those people supporting them knowing full well of what HSUS’ agenda really is,” McClymont asks, “or are they just people that see their (HSUS) ads and think those monies are going to help animals in need, like dogs and cats?”

In another development, the We Support Agriculture coalition has hired a new executive director.  She is Michele Ehresman, currently the executive director of the Holdrege (NE) Area Chamber of Commerce.

McClymont says Ehresman’s role will be to coordinate lobbying and public relations efforts at the state and federal levels in support of Nebraska animal agricultural programs.

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