Digital Only: Greensburg, Kansas Tractor Dealership

Feb 10, 2017  | 1 min  | Ep4225

Nothing in Greensburg was spared from the tornado.  A large John Deere dealership on the western edge of town was decimated.

Dana Maier/General Manager – BTI Greensburg: “In ’07 the tornado come through and pretty much destroyed our business, to where we had to pretty much start all over.”

The dealership estimates dozens of combines were destroyed, totaling millions of dollars in losses.

Dana Maier/General Manager – BTI Greensburg: “We decided to relocate at a different location.  This was an empty field out here and it was an opportunity to spread out a little bit.  Where we were at we were kinda landlocked.  So we decided to come out here and rebuild.”

Market to Market Reporter: “And you’re LEED compliant with this building?”

Dana Maier/General Manager – BTI Greensburg: “Yes. Platinum.  Platinum LEED.  It was a community-wide decision we kinda hopped onboard with some of the other businesses.  We are one of the larger businesses and we wanted to be kind of a leader in our community.”










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