There was continued improvement in the nationwide conditions of the latest Drought Monitor. However, much of Missouri, Oklahoma and Arkansas are still in moderate drought. As are some parts of the Northeast -- which received a winter blast of moisture to begin the week.

John Torpy reports. 

Both ends of the weather spectrum hit the U.S. this week as winter returned with a vengeance in the Northeast and strong winds whipped wildfires in the tinder dry plains.

Over two feet of snow was pushed along by high winds as a late winter message was delivered to New England states. Massachusetts received a majority of the flakes while warmer temps closer to the coast produced more rain than snow.

In the Midwest, winds gusting across Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas continued to fan several fires sparked by dry conditions in the High Plains. Clarke County, Kansas, a region known for cattle production and ranching, is one of the hardest hit areas. More than 400,000 acres were charred and county officials estimate up to 9,000 head of cattle have been lost.

Donations of hay, fencing, and other supplies were pouring in from across the country to help producers contain herds and care for orphaned calves. 

Sen. Pat Roberts,”To the stars through difficulties. Madam President, it’s not just a motto, it’s who we are.” 


For Market to Market, I’m John Torpy.