EPA Administrator Pruitt Visits Iowa After Biofuels Numbers Released

Dec 1, 2017  | 1 min  | Ep4315

Scott Pruitt, Environmental Protection Agency: “In the sense that we met the deadline November 30th to actually get those volume obligations out across this country is something the agency hasn't done in a number of years. And I made a commitment during the process and for anyone in Washington DC to look at you and not look at you as a partner but is an adversary to think that you don't care about the water you're drinking the air that you breathe is just simply wrong headed.”

Sec. Bill Northey, Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship: “He made certainly the point that the numbers are out on time and we all appreciate that we certainly wish that especially the biodiesel numbers were more aggressive than what they are.”

Monte Shaw, Iowa Renewable Fuels Association: “You know I do want to give credit that they did stay with the 15 billion gallons and they didn't buy into any of these crazy ideas to undermine the RFS. But also to be fair that was expected the law says 15 billion gallons president Trump had promised I will protect the RFS so what will I want to say hey thank you for not going below that it also isn't like they kind of had to move a mountain I mean that's kind of where we were.”

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