Wet Weather From Arizona to Canada With More Forecast

Oct 5, 2018  | 2 min  | Ep4407

The arid Southwest experienced a sea change this week as remnants of Hurricane Rosa swamped Phoenix streets. Flash flooding roared through other locations of Arizona, California, Nevada and Utah leading to closed schools.

The region has been locked in drought for much of 2018. The latest Drought Monitor from the University of Nebraska reveals slight improvement nationally in areas with parched conditions. Currently, 52.65 percent of the U.S is out of drought, the highest mark since June.   

Water levels at New Mexico’s Elephant Butte Reservoir have been low for years. The captured body of water supplies the region through prior-appropriation water rights and sits on the Rio Grande River. Any rainfall will help ease tension in following years.

A large swath of rain is predicted in the next week stretching from Amarillo, Texas, across the Corn Belt and into Canada. Another six to eight inches of rain could fall in an already drenched area that is in the middle of harvest.

The weekly look at rainfall from Intellicast also reveals an already wet Corn Belt into Wisconsin and Michigan.

This 7-day precipitation forecast map from DTN drew a lot of attention on social media as farmers waited for fields to dry, again, from a wet September that has lingered into October. Fifteen cities set marks for rainfall. Records in Texas, Iowa and places farther East that fell victim to Hurricane Florence’s rainfall will be noted in many history books.  

When combines eventually did roll, it was usually for a limited time engagement. Despite the delays,  USDA data reveals corn and soybean harvest is ahead of the 5-year average pace, for now.

For Market to Market, I’m Paul Yeager.

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