Positive Reviews for USMCA

Oct 5, 2018  | 3 min  | Ep4407
President Donald Trump: “The agreement will govern nearly $1.2 trillion in trade, which makes it the biggest trade deal in the United States history.”
Negotiations with Canada carried the talks into Sunday night, when both countries gave ground on issues that had slowed talks. 
Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister: “What I can say is free and fair trade in North America, a trading zone that accounts for more than a quarter of the world’s economy, with just 7 percent of its population, is in a much more stable place than it was yesterday.”
 Access to the Canadian dairy market had been a red line during talks, but negotiators traded increased export volumes from the Canadian auto industry for more American exports of dairy products. 
President Donald Trump: “Dairy was a deal breaker. And now as you know for our farmers it is opened up, much more. And I know they can’t open it up completely, they have farmers, also. They can’t be overrun.”
The American Farm Bureau Federation applauded the new deal.
Zippy Duvall, President, American Farm Bureau Federation: ”Trade is critical to agriculture, especially trade with our two closest neighbors. The USMCA builds on the success our farmers and ranchers have seen from NAFTA. The elimination of Canada’s Class 7 Dairy Pricing program is a clear victory for our farmers.”
The American dairy industry sees the potential for millions of dollars of sales to both Canadian and Mexican consumers.
Tom Vilsack, President U.S. Dairy Export Council: “So I think the certainty that this relationship brings provides some stability and reassurance to the market. Hopefully over time this will strengthen and stabilize the market. It certainly does provide for us the assurance that our number one market for dairy, Mexico, will be preserved.
Senator Charles Grassley, Iowa: “It’s going to help wheat, they take very little American wheat, they take very little of our dairy, poultry, and eggs, and for those segments of American agriculture it’s an idea agreement. And one that I did not think they would get, in particular in the area of dairy….That opens up more markets for our dairy products.”
The scale of the American economy and its importance as a destination for Canada’s agriculture and manufacturing output kept the country at the negotiating table, but the northern neighbor views the accord as both an opportunity and source of protection.
Justin Trudeau, Canadian Prime Minister: “It also needed to be fair, which meant it would have to maintain the fundamental principle of the original agreement, which is that when your trading partner is 10 times your size, you need rules. You need a level playing field. 
 Mexico also applauded the agreement.
Enrique Pena Nieto, President of Mexico: “Among other benefits, the new agreement promotes new, more responsible regional commerce in the areas of labour and the environment. It helps create more jobs and better salaries to the benefit of workers of the three countries."
For Market to Market, I’m Peter Tubbs.

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