Midwest Governors Ask Corps To Change Priorities

Apr 5, 2019  | 2 min  | Ep4433

Communities hard hit by flooding are still sorting through what’s left. Damage estimates have climbed over $2 billion dollars in Iowa alone.

Not willing to sit back and wait, government officials are making plans for what’s next. 

Peter Tubbs reports. 

While the flooded Missouri River continues to block roads and inundate farmland, the plans for repairs to dikes has begun, and long term questions are being asked.

The Governors of Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa met in Council Bluffs, Iowa this week, and pledged to work as a team when the U.S. Corps of Engineers begins repairing flood damage. The group also plans to keep the team together as they join the Corps to look at strategies for preventing future floods.

Missouri Governor Mike Parson: “While we are going to be working together as neighbor states, to try to figure out how we move forward, and what are the things we can do to change, but one thing is evident: Something needs to change. We can’t do the same old thing we’ve been doing, we can’t just meet about it, we’ve got to focus on doing something.”

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds called for the Corps to shift their focus away from general river management and return flood prevention to the top of their priority list.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds: “The number one priority needs to be flood management and people.  And so as we look for managing the river, those are some of the things, that’s what they should be focusing on.”

Nebraska Governor Pete Rickets believes the permitting process to repair damaged dikes needs to be streamlined.

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts: “We want the Corps, we want to work collaboratively with the Corps on what we need to do to make sure that, again, that this does not repeat.”

Forecasters expect flooding to continue along the Missouri River for the foreseeable future.

For Market to Market, I’m Peter Tubbs

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