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Trade War Heats Up Between U.S. and China

Aug 10, 2018 | 2 min

Trade negotiators spent another week working with NAFTA partner Mexico. All parties are hoping to achieve an agreement before President Nieto steps-down in December. Discussions with Canada remain on...


Dairy finds profits through unique partnership

Aug 10, 2018 | 7 min

Dairy producers are fighting a battle for survival. Overproduction and export declines are piling up on top of rising production costs that outpace revenues. There are federal programs to help make...

4350 Outlook

August 3, 2018 Economic Outlook

Aug 3, 2018

The nation’s annual deficit is approaching 5 percent of GDP – nearly a TRILLION dollars annually - as tax cuts come into play and the economy surges. The unemployment rate ticked down to 3.9 percent...


Wildfires Continue to Scorch the Northwest

Aug 3, 2018 | 1 min

Forest fires in the West are a common occurrence but the intensity and frequency have been on the rise in recent years. California Governor Jerry Brown, has called the increase “uncharted territory...

Cotton Picker

Farm Bill Down To Debate Over Differences

Aug 3, 2018 | 2 min

President Trump has threatened an additional $200 billion in tariffs on Chinese goods. China has prepared a $60 billion counterstrike that’s expected to increase the squeeze on U.S. agriculture. As...


July 27, 2018 Economic Outlook

Jul 27, 2018

Your humble abode is a major factor in the overall economy. Housing contributes nearly 18 percent to G-D-P -- driving spending in home improvements, construction and mortgage lending. --- Existing...

Trump in Iowa

Trump promotes his Workforce Development plan in Iowa

Jul 27, 2018 | 4 min

Donald Trump set Air Force One on course into Midwestern battleground states this week. The president trumpeted the renewed success of an Illinois steel mill against escalating criticism that trade...


White House Proposes Ag Tariff Relief

Jul 27, 2018 | 4 min

President Trump has pushed an “American First” vision for the country even as domestic farmers have been squeezed. Peter Tubbs leads off our trade coverage. Producer contact


Deadly Fires, Extreme Heat and Rain Blanket Much of U.S.

Jul 27, 2018 | 3 min

The “Urban Heat Island” phenomenon is impacting already hot metro locations like Phoenix and Chicago. Cities are trying to combat the areas covered in heat-retaining asphalt by planting trees or...

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Minnesota Chef Cooks with Camelina Oil

Jul 27, 2018 | 21 min

Camelina is an annual cover crop developed within the University of Minnesota's Forever Green Initiative. In addition to water quality and conservation benefits, the plant could provide an extra...

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Minnesota Leads Initiative to Capitalize on Conservation

Aug 3, 2018 | 6 min

In 2025, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton hopes the state reaches his goal of improving water quality by 25 percent. Dubbed 25-by-25, the strategy puts more than $350 million towards the objective. The...

4348 Outlook

July 20, 2018 Economic Outlook

Jul 20, 2018

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Tariff Squeeze Brings Farmers and Ranchers to Washington D.C.

Jul 20, 2018 | 3 min

Rising costs and falling incomes brought on by the blow-for-blow trade battle have put rural Americans in a corner. With agriculture square in the crosshairs of nearly every retaliatory move, farmers...

Nebraska home construction

Nebraska Town Sparks Housing Growth

Jul 20, 2018 | 6 min

As rural populations continue to shrink, rural businesses are looking for ways to restore the dwindling pool of employees. A variety of plans by community leaders and entrepreneurs to attract and...

Joni's Journey

A Journey back to the Family Farm

Jul 13, 2018 | 6 min

Following the Civil War, the Homestead Act opened the door to full western migration. And after the expansion, agriculture remained the major occupation in Kansas until the 1920s. Thousands are still...

July 13, 2018 Economic Outlook

July 13, 2018 Economic Outlook

Jul 13, 2018

This week tension was evident on Capitol Hill, Wall Street and in rural America. Wholesale prices rose 0.3 percent in June, but the 12-month gain was the fastest in more than six years – leading some...

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Trump Pardons Oregon Ranchers at Center of 2016 Standoff

Jul 13, 2018 | 3 min

Much of the new domestic energy exploration is in the western United States – where land rights can be contentious. And this week those on one side of the ongoing issue breathed a sigh of relief...

Container ship

The Trade War Ramps Up

Jul 6, 2018 | 3 min

An updated USDA report cites slowing global demand and large inventories for keeping a lid on farm sector net cash income. The forecast calls for 2018 profits below the 40 year average. --- All those...

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Western Wildfires Contrast Corn Belt Flooding

Jul 6, 2018 | 2 min

A California legislative committee advanced a bill to the General Assembly calling for 100 percent carbon-free energy generation. Other high-stakes measures are moving forward as lawmakers wrestle...


July 6, 2018 Economic Outlook

Jul 6, 2018

U.S. employers added 213,000 new jobs in June, extending the 9-year fiscal expansion. However, the unemployment rate ticked up to 4 percent - according to the Labor Department. The Mid-America...