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SRRC -- Strategic Reading Resource Center
Welcome to the Strategic Reading Resource Center
This site is designed to help secondary teachers integrate
strategic reading instruction into their curriculum.

Strategy Toolbox
Imagine a box of teaching tools, brief descriptions of reading strategies for teachers to use in their classes. When you are wondering, “How can I help my students be more effective learners?”, this is the place to go.

Teacher-Tested Strategies
Practicing teachers used these strategies and created a database of what works. Here they briefly describe their class, their teaching tool and how it worked. If you want to hear from your colleagues, check this out. Remember, we will be adding submissions throughout the year, so check back for new ideas.

Web Links
Our strategy toolbox is just the tip of the iceberg of good ideas. These links will take you to other strategic reading sites.

The Department of Education has created a site to inform educators about the research supporting strategic reading in secondary education. This is a great reference if you are wanting to see the research behind your practice

There are some great resources “out there” in print and media that
can help teachers help their students. This is a place to start your

A note to classroom teachers:
Your local Area Education Agency – AEA – is a wonderful resource. Many classroom teachers do not realize all the support they can give. Click here for contact information.

Integrating strategic reading into your classes will help your students become more efficient and effective learners. It will also be a demonstration of how you are modeling the Iowa Teaching Standards,
so keep track of the strategies you use in your class.


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