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Before Reading: General Pre-Reading
While we were working on reading daily readings (e.g., the newspaper, bills, catalogs, maps), I would read a paragraph to my students and then stop to question them. I would ask them questions about what they saw in their minds, what the paragraph said to them, key words, etc. I did this to make sure that the kids knew what they were hearing and reading; this also would check for understanding as we went. Many of the students that I work with are far below grade level and do not understand what they read a lot of the time. I have found that questioning and explaining as we read helps them to better understand and to follow along.
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When I would stop as reading needed to be explained, the kids would know that they would have a question or comment that was related directly to the reading passage. Sometimes this would be a brief activity, comment, or whatever was appropriate for the situation. The kids followed along and tried to listen/read so they knew what to expect next.
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