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Before Reading: Bring a Thing
I like the ";Bring a Thing"; activity. I did it in both my 9th and 10th grade English classes in the form of a "relic box" to front-load (anticipatory set) the reading of our respective novels. I brought in a shoe box filled with five items that represented characters, setting or plot elements of the book and had students predict what the novel would be about based on these items!
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It worked beautifully! I tried it two ways and both served their purpose: first I had students record their predictions based on each item as I drew it out of the box; the other time I had the group guess in class what might happen in the story based on the objects. I'll have to be sure to revisit the relic box at the end of the unit so students can compare their predictions to the novel. I will also consider having students make a relic box.
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The educator applied this strategy to the following grade levels:
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