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Combinations: SQ3R
I passed out a handout on SQ3R to all my AM Auto Tech students. I told them I would give them extra credit to fill out the handout for any chapter of the textbook that they chose. Out of a class of 23, 6 students returned the handout. The 6 that took advantage of the extra credit were already my top students! I then gave a quiz over the chapter, and tried to compare those 6 student's performance on this quiz to those of previous quizes.
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Useful but Needs to be Modified
This did not work as well as I thought it would. For one thing, the 6 students using the strategy were already doing very well. They did, however, score in the high 90's on the quiz. In reflection, I feel I could make three changes to improve the success of my students: 1) Require SQ3R of every student 2) Be more specific as to how to apply the strategy 3) Use the strategy more consistantly
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Technology Ed
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Grade 11
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