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After Reading: Games
Four teachers collaborated on this activity: Brenda Jensen, Jerry Leventhal, Russell Vanderhoef, and Janet Williams. We had just finished reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee and wanted to review prior to the test. Our students may be bright, but we feel they don't always prepare adequately for tests. We decided to create a Jeopardy type game and appeal to their sense of competition. We divided the questions into five categories: vocabulary, characterization, events, quotations, and potpourri(elements of the novel). Each teacher took one category since the vocabulary part was ready to go.
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This was extremely fun for the kids and we felt it definitely prepared them. We had them work in teams with one person as the spokesperson. They were attentive and felt they reviewed some key points. The results of the test were good for the book part, but we need more work on vocabulary. We believe they need additional practice with the vocabulary and that we need to condense the number of words. The amount of vocabulary was overwhelming.
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The educator applied this strategy to the following grade levels:
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